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Armstrong’s American Scrape Collection

I have taken a liking to many of the newer scraped finish wood floors. Some people like to refer to them as distressed hardwood flooring, but actually they are two different things. To show you a good example of an actual hand scraped wood floor…

In this video above, Armstrong Product manager, Chuck, shows off the richly textured floors in their new American Scrape hardwood floor collection. These floors are now available in hickory (domestic) and oak, and they’re made in the good ole USA.

The richness & beauty of hand scraped wood floors

The richness & beauty of hand scraped wood floors has become very popular in today’s homes. Armstrong seems to always stay on the cutting edge of design trends. As more people have wood floors installed in their homes, textured finishes such as this collection are becoming quite popular. They help to hide wear and tear on the wood flooring and keep it looking less worn than otherwise flat and smooth finish wood flooring. The rough texture of the machine scraped (synthetic hand scraping) on many textured hardwood floors today are a good choice for many active homes.

Most flooring companies will carry a variety of different scraped type finishes in their selection array. However, one thing you should always be aware of is that many hand-scraped wood floors may have a very thin wear layer, especially if they are an engineered wood floor. This type of floor can often wear our sooner than you may like. Be sure to talk to an experienced and reputable independent flooring dealer that carries a variety of brands to get the whole picture.

An experienced flooring professional will be able to guide you through the process and help you make the best choice of handscraped wood flooring for your home. There are many very high quality textured or scraped finish wooden floors available on the market today that will last you every bit as long as the old traditional solid wood floors did for your grandparents!


New Trends In Floor covering show Hardwood floors as a popular choice

Flooring trends seem to be constantly changing. Each year there are new styles, colors, and a variety of new textures that seem to be available. I do not know how anyone is suppose to keep up! Consumers seem to be replacing their floors more often than in past generations. much of this is due to the fact that design trends move much quicker than they perhaps did in the past.

What are the hot trends today in floors

In 2013 the trends are seeming to be moving quickly toward the hot new vinyl floating plank category. Many flooring dealers we have spoken to are claiming a surge in people wanting the convenience of a laminate floor coupled with the ease of cleaning of the vinyl plank that this product offers. We recently spoke with Scott McClellan the General manager at Nufloor – Floors To Go of Traverse City, Michigan who cautioned us to not discount the still solid popularity of hardwood flooring.

He also states that wood flooring has grown in popularity as more and more people realize the long term value it offers that other floor finishes do not. Though laminate floors are still quite popular, the introduction of the click together vinyl plank products has hurt sales of laminates. In addition, the consumers becoming far more educated on the different engineered hardwood flooring options has allowed dealers to sell more wood floors in the current market.

The downside to this trend may be that many consumers do not properly research the different quality variables in an engineered wood floor. By failing to do so they are exposed to spending the money for a hardwood installation today that may only actually last a few years before it needs to be replaced.

The takeaway of this wood floor trend

Consumers should be cautious about selecting a wood floor. Engineered of high quality is most likely the most stable choice for most installations. It should be said though, that one should be very thorough to understand the different qualities that are available. there are differences in thickness of the top layer, quality of milling, quality of raw materials, quality of bonding agents, make up of lower layers and much more. Due to this I would highly recommend you buy  your hardwood flooring from only the most knowledgeable independent and well trained dealers and sales staff.