The Evolution of Click Vinyl Plank Floors

As I sat here thinking on this topic I was reminded of one of my long list of songs I have always loved. “If I could turn back time” makes a statement into wanting to either change the past or to revisit it in your mind. In this case for me it is the latter. I went back to a time when there was no such thing as a click vinyl plank flooring product. But we first saw a click together product called laminate flooring which it now mimics.

Back then it was a completely new concept that took the market (in the U.S.) by storm. the new buzz word in floor coverings was “pergo” flooring. Pergo was actually a brand not a type of floor, but the market adapted it as the new product category until the industry finally educated the consumer on this new product category called laminate.

One of the biggest issues that came to light with these floors was their inability to handle normal levels of moisture that came along with typical household use. The industry tried several different solutions to this but for years never quite got it right. The floating installation of these floors was a popular selling point that eventually evolved into a “click” together system which addressed a big issue with the moisture from the joint glue causing joints to “swell”.

In typical fashion, the american consumer demanded a better & better performance by these products at lower prices. The manufacturers answered with constantly improving this hot product line.

Recently, when laminate manufacturing capacity hit humongous proportions followed by a worldwide economic downturn we found these manufacturers scrambling to keep their machinery running. They managed to find a way to use their laminate production equipment to put the same “click together” locking system on luxury vinyl tile with a few simple adaptations. Take a look at this video of some click LVT options from IVC.

Like any other product (especially a newer product category) their have been some growing pains and this category continues to evolve through 2013. I as always recommend you be sure to deal directly with an independent well trained sales professional and dealer that can help you sort through your options with the most complete and up to date information.

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