Installing Sheet Vinyl Over Existing Sheet Vinyl

Many people believe it is not possible to install sheet vinyl over an existing sheet vinyl floor. The truth is, under certain circumstances it is a very stable installation. In this article I hope to remove any doubt you may have about when it is appropriate as well as how it can be done.

Vinyl floors in sheet form can be installed on many substrates. one with many shades of gray is existing vinyl flooring. the type of existing floor needs to be considered as well as how well it is bonded, its current condition and the level of embossing or texture there is to the current floor.

If the current flooring is not well adhered to the existing substrate it usually is best to remove it first. If it is well secured you can look at the next thing to consider. It should also be noted that one should be aware of the approximate age the existing floor was installed. If it was prior to 1980 I would suggest you have it first tested for asbestos before removing it. A trained flooring professional will also be able to help you identify through some non technical methods if the floor may contain asbestos. If you find it does, professional abatement should be contracted.

So if the floor seems to be down well you can now look at the current condition of the existing sheet vinyl flooring. If it is in minor disrepair, simply asses if the areas can be patched first to make the floor smooth & level. If this appears possible you should be ok to now look at the texture/embossing. If the floor is heavily embossed it is usually advised to “skimcoat” the whole floor first to remove any texture and ensure a completely flat and smooth finish to which you can apply your new floor.

It should also be noted there are special products designed for embossing leveling tasks and the method used will vary based on the existing product. I would again encourage you to work closely with your local independent flooring professional to help you determine the best course of action. The trained eye of a true flooring pro will make the entire process seem quite simple.

Take a look at a little demo video I found on installing sheet vinyl over an existing sheet vinyl that is on concrete.

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