Sliding Heavy Furniture: Avoid the movement of heavy furniture, couches, almirah over the surface of the Hardwood Flooring. If this is repeated often, then scratches and the abrasion can steal the texture and the shine of the flooring. Therefore, extra care needs to be taken in this regard.

Exposure To Sunlight: Normally, flooring is done inside the buildings but due to big and open windows and doors, Hardwood Flooring can get continuous exposure of the ultraviolet radiations coming from the sun. This can stain the flooring and make it look dull and greasy. Therefore, either put curtains or close the windows for sometime during the day.

Wash: Hardwood Floors, whether Laminated, Hand Scratched or Solid Wood Flooring, should not be washed on a regular basis with water, soaps and strong detergents. All these substances can severely damage and tarnish the appearance as well as the material itself from inside. Hence, to clean the Hardwood Floors, much of the effort is not required. One can wash them once a week with the vacuum cleaners or the dry mop. Do not ever use the wet mop over Laminated or Engineered Wooden Flooring. Not only this, Suppliers and Distributors of Solid Wooden Flooring also provide proper guidelines to the customers after fixing the wooden flooring over the floors.

Dust Particles: The biggest enemies of the Hardwood Flooring are basically dust and grit, which once accumulated make it difficult to clean. Therefore, weekly cleaning of the floors is important.

The industry is occupied with many Suppliers and Distributors of the Hardwood Flooring but there are only few who are reliable and meet the standard requirement of the customers. Therefore, it is another precautionary measure for the buyers to acknowledge the genuine Solid Wooden Flooring Supplier and verify their product before purchase.

Although Hardwood Flooring is very durable and strong, their handling technique is lot different from normal cemented or marble and granite floors. Unlike marble or granite floors, it cannot be treated carelessly.

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Hardwood Floor is best suited for homes and offices. It is something that brings elegance to your home and gives exquisite look to the offices. It has its own separate identity and is easily noticeable. There are various types of Hardwood Floors such as Oak Flooring, Pine Flooring, Maple Flooring, etc.

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